Whether you are an experienced investor looking for a new project or a first time developer, the team at Pottier Developments have the knowledge and experience to construct your development. When you have plans to subdivide and build a rear strata, multi-unit development or low rise apartment complex, Pottier Developments have everything you need. With every developing goal or interest you have, we have the knowledge and 20 years of experience to create your investment. We understand that it’s the details that can play a big role with how your project is constructed.

Looking at the block size and shape, local council and planning authorities are all part of how we create your development proposal. We know that every project demands expert knowledge and experience specific to the individual development.


Selling and buying can be a stressful experience and you may have to move to a new location With the current shortage of land, more people are opting to stay where they are and knockdown their old house and rebuild a beautiful new Pottier Home. We help you with a process from design, approvals, contracts,and demolition we can help you through the whole process step by step by step and take the stress out. So if you love the street you live in, your neighbours, the local facilities or simply don’t want to relocate the family, this is the option for you.


Even a low rise apartment development is in a different league to most subdivide-and-develop projects. There are more legal hoops to jump through, more applications, and more ways it can go wrong, but the returns can be spectacular. The Pottier Development team have helped investors develop and build, a wide array of apartment types and sizes. We know what the pitfalls are, and we know how to make the investment perform to its potential. We can help you capitalize on your apartment-sized block.


With the huge population growth, many local shires have recognized the need for more housing and have re-zoned many suburbs so it is now possible to build three houses on one site or expand and build 4 or more on one block. Building units on your block for resale, rental or owner-occupy, and we can work with you on existing layouts or modify designs to meet your specific needs and requirements. With Multi units deal for a larger development project and maximizing the full potential of your block, higher density zoning can provide several options for multiple units on one block. When it comes to experience You can count on our specialist representatives and expertise for multi-unit developments with over 20 years experience in the building industry you are at the right place.


If you have a property that has room in the backyard and you want to retain your current property and invest in a house- behind-house development this option is for you. Ideal for large blocks zoned for duplex where you would like to keep the current property. This type of development is easier to finance and is usually a more straight forward process.


As the cost of land increases and rental income is on the rise take advantage of your block and cash in your land for two properties known as a ‘duplex dwelling’. There are a few different variations including a traditional front and rear duplex development or build two new houses side by side so both properties enjoy street frontage.

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